Square Bathtub Corner Whirlpool With Light

4 Person square whirlpool hot tub Size: 213 x 213 x 88cm Jets: 48 pcs Pumps: 2 pcs water pumps+ 1 pcs ciruclation pump

Product Details

Square Bathtub Corner Whirlpool With Light

A beautiful spa with light in night. 

Square Bathtub Whirlpool With lounge

There are 4 pcs seats included 1 lounge seat. 16 pcs small led light around it, the color will impact your vision.

Also, it has 48 pcs massage jets and some air jets, it has air and water massage your boby. and it has 1 pcs neck collar pillow with shoulder mssage jets. I believe that you will interested in it.

If you interested in it, please contact us freely.


Contact: Bella Tian

Mail: sales03@spasrelax.com

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