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Performance is the bottom line.
Employee is the core.
Innovation is the future.

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As the year 2020 is approaching, a number of spa companies have gone bankrupt, while a number of spa companies are still struggling to keep up, while a few spa companies are thriving.

Looking at the hot tub market in Europe and Oceania, which is full of similar hot tubs, the fierce price war makes us exhausted.

Giving up?

This is the whirlpool business that I have been struggling for more than ten years, and I love whirlpool business.

Don't give up?

It's a tough way.

What should we do?

-- -- -- INNOVATION.

3D hottub

3D (2)spa

It is not uncommon for hot tubs & swim spas brands to imitate each other.

Occasionally, some company that introduced the unique shape and prominent color also just stirred up a little splash, not lasting.

In fact, what is true innovation?

In my opinion, from the perspective of users' future needs, the practical innovation research and development is the INNOVATION.

Our company,SpaRelax, has 12 years of ODM/OEM experience, specially for spa or bathtub owners to establish their own spa brand, according to different market design and manufacture customized products, and you can get the advantage of exclusive sales.

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