Tomb-sweeping Day

- Apr 05, 2019-


Tomb-sweeping Day is also called the Youth Festival. At the turn of Zhongchun and Hunchun, the 104th day after the winter solstice, it is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and one of the most important festivals. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the graves.



  • Civilization sweeping grave

1. Musical Sacrifice: Play the favorite songs of the deceased during his lifetime and express his memory of the old people.


2, flower sacrifices: use the favorite flowers of the deceased before the death, or participate in the "flowers to burn paper" activities organized by the cemetery.


3, planting sacrifices: through the tree planting to pay homage to the old man.


4, wash the tomb sacrifice: clean the tombstone to express their thoughts.


5, family recollections: the photos and video materials of the deceased before the birth of a CD-ROM, organize family members to watch, to recall memories.


6. Online Sacrifice: Expressing grief over the deceased relatives through the Internet.


7. Community public sacrifice: The full-time etiquette enters the community, and the residents of the community organize the district to release the portraits of the deceased relatives, and release the fruits, fruits, balloons, etc., the family members of the deceased read the sacrifices, and the public sacrificed the flowers.


8. Let go of the thoughts: The community can organize residents to carry out activities to release white balloons and let go of their thoughts.


9. Signature Sacrifice: The community can organize the collective signature of the masses and trace the sacrifices to the ancestors.



  • QR code sweeping the grave

Scan it with your smartphone to see the photo or video of the deceased and learn about his life. The deceased family can also update and maintain the content of the webpage. The provider of the QR code tombstone said: "The use of technology to provide more information about the deceased, but also to share a life experience."


Family members can set a password for privacy


The two-dimensional tombstone originated in the United Kingdom. When the two-dimensional code is promoted in the foreign tombs, the two-dimensional code will be embedded in the unsold cemetery, including the price, orientation, area, greening and design concept of the tombstone.


The staff of the cemetery introduced that the two-dimensional tombstone must be applied by the cemetery user first. The staff will register the corresponding sacrifice page for the deceased at the cemetery homepage and generate a QR code for it. Relatives should enrich and improve the web page and enter content that they want to share with others, including photo videos or recollections.


For what content can be seen after scanning, relatives can set the corresponding options on the Sacrifice homepage according to their own requirements, that is, which information is completely public, and which parts are private to be viewed by password. Protect the personal privacy of the deceased.


Traditional Food

  • Qing Dumpling


Qing Dumpling is a specialty of Suzhou. Its skin is smashed with a wild plant called wormwood, squeezed out of the juice, and mixed into the glutinous rice flour. Then wrap the dough with bean paste, steam it in a steamer, and brush the vegetable oil evenly on the surface of the dough with a brush.

It is not sweet and not greasy, with a light aroma of grass.


  • Five-color glutinous rice


The five-color glutinous rice is a traditional snack in the Buyi and Zhuang areas. Every festival, such as the Ching Ming Festival, the third month of the Lunar New Year, and the Dragon Boat Festival, the Zhuang people like to make five-colored glutinous rice.

The five-colored glutinous rice is red, yellow, green, white and black. The five-color glutinous rice is the mascot of the Miao people. It means that life is like a splendid flower. People of all nationalities are united like glutinous rice, and blessings enjoy the same feelings.


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