The World Earth Day

- Apr 23, 2019-

earth day

The World Earth Day, which is April 22 every year, is a worldwide environmental protection activity. In the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly in 2009, April 22 of each year was designated as "World Earth Day." The event was first launched in the United States in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes, and the impact was growing. The purpose of the activity is to arouse the awareness of human beings to protect the earth and protect their homeland, promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection, and improve the overall environment of the earth.


On April 22, 1970, 200,000 Americans took to the streets, parks, auditoriums, and protested the damage to the human environment caused by heavy polluting chemical plants, power plants, toxic dumps, and pesticides. They called for people to stop destroying and love the earth. The important festival of human modern environmental protection movement - "World Earth Day" was born. Today, Earth Day has become the largest civil agreement in the world. More than one billion people participate in the celebration every year, and use their own actions to encourage more people to change their minds and invest in environmentally-friendly global undertakings.


In the face of the deteriorating global ecological environment, each of us has an obligation to act and use our actions to protect the homeland we live in.


earth day


lOne, April 2

Refuse disposable chopsticks

On the 2nd, Earth Day is a vegetarian day. (The livestock industry consumes a large amount of grains and beans, and also consumes a lot of precious water; in order to graze cattle and raise pigs, the original forest is sacrificed, causing a greenhouse effect.)


lSecond, eat less (cooked at home, the amount of food is just right, can not eat and pack home)


lThird, fasting one day (experiencing the taste of environmental protection in the body)



Reject the styrofoam and ask the buffet shop or the coffee shop to use the paper cup (the styrofoam is a carcinogen, it also destroys the ozone layer that protects the earth. The styrofoam cup for coffee, the buffet plate, hundreds of years later Still garbage, continue to pollute the environment).



lFirst, know the clothes

Source: 1. Purchase natural cotton, hemp and other natural materials (organic) before recycling. 2. Purchasing and maintaining clothes according to the washing standard to extend the life of the clothes.


lSecond, the demand for the decision, according to: the number of laundry, home capacity, lifestyle, economic conditions and other four factors to determine the frequency of purchase, try to control, do not exceed (heavy weight is not heavy).


lThird, the old clothes are new to wear:


1. Self-awareness: considerations of posture, skin color, and lifestyle.


2. Find out the popular focus: such as length, color, etc., generally with simple, good tailoring (stereo cropping) can best show the interaction between people and materials.


3. The accessories are small in size, changeable, good in effect, easy to collect, such as scarves, pins, belts, a small amount of clothes that are reliable accessories to highlight the effect of dressing art.



lFirst, use second-hand furniture (whether buying a house, renting a house, using second-hand furniture, recycling and reusing resources, if you can hold regular flea market for second-hand old goods exchange in the office, community, and network, it is environmentally friendly. Mutual help, promote interpersonal friendship).


lSecond, multi-planting greening to do home decoration (home do not do excessive decoration, should be simple, natural as the principle. Home furnishings do not necessarily have artificial materials, may wish to use more ecological natural materials. A variety of flowers and plants, Try to use local tree species. There are many natural soils in the courtyard, and less cement or hard paving.


lThird, please use utensils to hold water, wash fruits and vegetables, dishes, brush your teeth, wash your face to save precious water.


lFourth, the room's power supply, air-conditioning use (as small as possible, one room to open a cold air, when people are small, try to concentrate on office, reduce the amount of air-conditioning, electric light).



lFirst, take the stairs, do not take the elevator (people living in the building, whether in the office or at home, if you are not in a hurry, try to step into the car, try not to take the elevator, change the stairs, save energy, exercise and fitness ).


lSecond, go out to walk, ride a bicycle, use the mass transit system, drive less and ride a motor vehicle.

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