The Customs Of April Fools' Day In Various Countries

- Apr 01, 2019-

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April 1st is April Fool's Day. This is not a national holiday, but in many countries and regions around the world, people will joke each other on this day, making mischief, and people who are fooled are often called "April fools."

According to Wikipedia, the formation of April Fool's Day has a long process. The "Holly Festival" of the Roman period (March 25) and the "Folly Festival" (December 28) in medieval Europe were regarded as the predecessors of April Fool's Day.


So, what are the April Fool's Day customs in various countries?


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  • United States: Today, on April Fool's Day, Americans will make some jokes whether or not they know each other. The more common trick on April Fool's Day is to point to someone else's shoes and say, "You don't have a shoelace." Students may lie to classmates and say that the school is on holiday. No matter what kind of tricks, as long as the innocent victim is in the middle, the prankster will scream: "Foolish man!"


  • France: The tradition of France on April 1st, including April Fool's Day (literally meaning "fish of April"), tried to attach a paper fish victim on the back without being discovered. Originally built in other countries aussicette popular, Italy, etc. (such as the long-term "April Fish", US Eastern Time used to re-encapsulate aussi to any jokes do during the day).


  • Iran: In Iran, people played with each other on the 13th day of the 3rd day of the Norouz on April 3th. This day is called "Sizdahbedar" (outdoor thirteen). It is believed that people should go out on this day to escape bad luck on the 13th (number) because of good luck, bad luck, or 13.


  • Scotland: In Scotland, for example, April Fool's Day actually has 2 days of celebration time. The next day, it was special about the area behind the human body. This day is called the Taily Festival. The source of the "Kick me" sign can be traced back to this.


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