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Story Of SpaRelax

Dec 07, 2019

2008 to 2019, on November 28, SpaRelax celebrated its 11th anniversary. We're 11 years old!♨♨♨

We started the spa business in 2008 during the financial crisis.


In 2008, we rented a plant in huizhou, China. Started the spa business under the circumstance of 3 noes. What are the three noes? No customers, no technology, no channels. Only three partners and less than ten employees started the business together.


The new factory building was an empty one, without any machinery, not even a table for eating. Employees ate while standing with their bowls.


old hot tub factory

The production of the hot tubs were purely manual, and the molding needed 10 people to complete. Every step was not easy.


The boss hired two sales and began trying to find customers on the Internet. 1 order to 1 order of business made us survive .


But even it was hard, we kept going.


And today, we have a larger factory, spacious office building, dormitory building, workshop, all the advanced equipment. Our team has expanded from about 10 people at the beginning to nearly 100 people today, including several colleagues who worked with us in 2008.


Diligence, loyalty and persistence are the attributes of our employees. We feel very fortunate to be able to work together.


But all is not well. Throughout the 11 years, we have had many crises.


hottub factory

In 2013, for example, we became comfortable with the fact that our hot tubs and swim spas were better than our peers. And the rapid reversal of peer companies to let us hit. Setbacks made us strive! We invested more in equipment and technology. After this blow we know the market competition is very cruel, we can not stop every day.

After 11 years of research, our hot tubs and swimming pools quality continue to remain at the leading level in China.


For another example, in 2018, the Chinese government increased environmental protection measures and greatly raised environmental protection requirements for all factories. Factories began to invest in environmental equipment, a series of corrective measures. Many factories were forced to close because they did not meet standards. But We did it! We had passed the Chinese government's inspection and obtained relevant certificates.



In 2019, our technology have improved to a higher level, which will also become the competitiveness of our customers. 


Today, we celebrated the 11th anniversary. We cherish every customer we have cooperated with over the years. We know each other, understand each other, trust each other in the ocean of foreign trade and become long-term friends of win-win cooperation partners!


Looking forward to the next ten and twenty years with you!

Our team1