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If The Child Can Choose Parent, Will They Still Choose You?

Sep 19, 2019

A public service short film "The Orphanage" by Finnish charity Fragile childhood (it has been working to help children who have been hurt by their parents’ alcoholism since 1986),which is only 90s and the content is very simple.

The story revolves around a pair of siblings started.They came to the adult orphanage to "adopt" their parents.Through a woman's guidance,they started interviewing 4 groups of parents and choosing their ideal parents.So who would become their parents?

First, let's observe this four groups of parents:

Group 1:The father is sitting on the sofa reading book, and the mother is cleaning the house seriously.


Group 2:Parents are eating happily.


Group 3:Parents are walking happily in the garden.


Group 4:The bed in the bedroom was very messy,the mother quarreled with her father because of alcoholism.


In the short film, the information sent to the siblings by the group1 to group3 is that their family is very warm and they sincerely hope that children can choose them.On the contrary, the fourth group of parents didn’t see the siblings outside the show window and continued to quarrel;

Maybe many people will think that siblings will definitely choose group1 to group3, but the result is that they looked down,nervously and fearfully followed a pair of group4 parents.This ending may be dissatisfied by many people, but this is also the most real situation. The truth is that no one can choose their parents. The children can only accept the reality of this inability to change.


A person's marriage life is basically a continuation of his parents.The meaning of continuation is not just a simple copy, but a copy of emotions.

Dear parents, I hope that you can accompany your children after the busy work,such as watching TV with your child, going to sports or playing in the spa.Spa not only makes the relationship between parents and children better, but also relieves the fatigue of parents due to work.