5 Person Acrylic Spa Tubs

5S00 Luxury spa brings you noble enjoys. With total 101 massage jets and three massage pumps, it will take you much different massage feelings.!

Model No.:5S00
Dimensions (L x W x H):230*230*88 cm
Seating Capacity:5 Adults
Spa Shell Material:Lucite® Acrylic
Total Massage Jets (pcs):101 pcs

Product Details

Product Details

Title5S00 Dimensions (L x W x H): 230*230*88 cm

5 Person Jacuzzi 5S00 details-1

Title5S00 Spa Shell Colors

5S00 colours

TitleFeatures 1: Seating Design

5 Person Jacuzzi 5S00 details-2

Simple design and big seats keep you comfortable in the spa(^O^)

TitleFeatures 2: Back Massage

5 Person Jacuzzi 5S00 details-3

Different sizes and types of jets, from 5” to 2”, provide powerful and alterable massage feelings to people’s back!!

TitleFeatures 3: Semi-lounge design

5 Person Jacuzzi 5S00 details-4

The semi-lounge gives you thoroughly relaxed massage, and also a different experience from traditional lounge.

If you'd like to get more details and features of this product, feel free to contact me!!

Wish all the best wishes for you(^O^)