2020 New Hot Tub Swim Spa

2020 new series of products fully launched!
Brand new spa and brand new pool.
1.Bathtub for 4-6 person hot tub
2.6-8m swim spa pool
3. ODM&OEM Customized HOT TUB bathtub can be completed in only 1 month.

Product Details

2020 is coming so fast!!!

Are you ready the new hot tubs or swim spas to  grab hot tub market share?

3D (2)spa

Based on our strength and industry experience in product design over the past 12 years, and combined with the opinions from dealers and customers, we have completed three series of products and officially put them into the market.

The three new series are --

1. Holiday let Hotel spa series

2.6-8m swimming pool series

3. ODM&ODM Exclusive Customized hot tub series

I am very sorry that the latest product cannot be released on the Internet for the time being. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We will send you the latest product photos and provide our best service.

Recent Installation

whirlpool hotel hot tub (6)

(2019 Hotel whirlpool project in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

party spa swim pool

(2019 the case of the UK outdoor party spa)

round hot tub

(2019 French outdoor terrace round bathtub case)

Factory Information

Please feel free to contact us~

sparelax hot tub information

workshop (2)